Fine Food at Your Fingertips with Lardiere

For many food lovers, or those who just have a distinct taste for luxury, dining out at a restaurant that offers fine food is a rare gastronomical treat. Rare, because most of us cannot afford these excursions on a regular basis. Chef Junelle and her husband, Gerrie Germishuizen, however, are making gourmet dining more accessible with their new online food store, Lardiere. The unique store caters to anyone from a master chef to an aspiring, amateur cook, and offers the type of premium quality produce and products that are usually reserved for highbrow restaurants.

“Having been involved in the food industry for over 20 years as a chef, caterer and restaurant owner, my motto has always been to select the best products that money can buy,” explains Chef Junelle. “I noticed that the best selections were usually only available for restaurants that could buy in bulk, so I wanted to find a way to make this produce available to anyone.”

She is now well on her way to making this happen, with Lardiere (derived from the word ‘larder’ – a room or a cupboard used to store food) on the brink of securing two sole distribution rights for leading international brands – positioning herself as a pioneer in bringing fine food ‘to the people.’

Lardiere is also seeking to educate the public about fine foods, and how to prepare them. The company offers cooking classes in which unique combinations and recipes are shared.

“I want to teach people about fine dining and how to actually use high quality products,” adds Chef Junelle. “For example, buying cheaper meat doesn’t necessarily save money, as you have to add all sorts of things to make it taste good – which you wouldn’t need to add to a prime cut of meat.”

So the next time you plan to have your in-laws over for dinner, or simply want to cook a special meal for a loved one, source the finest food in town from Lardiere. To order, go online at